“Hillary Deathwatch” Odds: 0.7 Percent

With Tuesday’s contests in Kentucky and Oregon, Barack Obama seizesa majority of pledged delegates. April fundraising numbers show Obamastill leads in the money race. And key figures ditch Hillary. Obama nowneeds about 70 delegates to attain the “magic number” of 2025, so we’redropping Clinton’s chances drop to 0.9 points to 0.7 percent . For every 10 delegates Obama wins, Clinton will drop another 0.1 until … let’s just say she’ll need a snorkel.

Obamadid not declare victory Tuesday night, but he came about as close asone can get. “You have put us within reach of the Democratic nominationfor president of the United States,” he told a Des Moines, Iowa, crowd.He needed only 17 pledged delegates to secure a majority. In Kentucky,it looks like he won about 14; in Oregon, about 30. …

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