Deathwatch Gets a Slap on the Wrist

We’ve gotten complaints about the Hillary Deathwatch before,but this is a new one.

Dear Application Developer,

A Facebook user requested that we forward an anonymousreport that your application The Hillary Clinton Deathwatch (application ID#30705275390) is violating Facebook Terms of Use.   The user selected “Attacks individual orgroup” as the violation category.   Any text entered into the additional comments box appears here: …

I find thisapplication offensive. If you continue to approve of applications like this, Iwill discontinue my account on Facebook and encourage all my readers to do so. [E.A.]

To protect the privacy of our users, we cannot disclose anyfurther information.   Facebook is nottaking any action against your application based on this particular report, butwe are passing this along so you are made aware of potential problems andrespond accordingly to ensure you are in compliance.   Please note that failure to comply with theTerms may result in an enforcement action. …



And here we were thinking the Facebook team was on Obama’s side .