The Shunning

First, Sen. Obama sort of half-shunned Jeremiah Wright—the video clips don’t do justice to the man’s good work as I knew it; then Wright surprise-shunned Obama—he’s just a politician doin’ what politicians do, which prompted Obama to double-shun Wright—say what again about roosting terrorist chickens and the government’s spread of HIV? Not to be outdone, Bob Novak wants the Catholic Church to shun a good chunk of the Democratic congressional leadership by excluding them from communion.

This primary has definitely gone on much too long. I know it’s not over until the Howard Dean screams, but. please, must we wait until November?

Sen. Obama—let the good Rev. Wright play out the “crazy Uncle Harry” routine; in this case, you are definitely not your brother’s keeper.

And Mr. Novak, “judge not lest ye be judged and found unworthy.”

So, now that we have transcended the politics of race and division, what’s next?