The Exits: Clinton-Friendly Demographics

The exit polls have arrived! All of the highlights below use CNN’s numbers , which may change as the night goes on and they iron out their projections.

  • The demographics heavily favor Clinton. Fifty-eight percent of voters were women; 38 percent were 60 years old or older. Clinton won 55 percent of women, 59 percent of 60-plus.
  • Clinton seems to have won the ad wars. Among the 43 percent of voters who said ads weren’t important, Clinton beats Obama, as she does among those who did say the ads mattered.
  • More people think Clinton can fix the economy than think Obama can repair it. More than half the voters say the economy is the No. 1 issue.
  • Forty-three percent of voters say Clinton isn’t trustworthy. Twenty-one percent of those voters supported Clinton anyway.
  • Outside Philadelphia, Obama did best in central and northern Pennsylvania while Clinton cleaned house in the Pittsburgh area, winning by 23 percent.
  • Clinton won the white vote by 20 points while Obama won the African-American vote by 84 points. Whites made up 80 percent of the pool; black voters comprised 14 percent of the overall vote. Among white voters in Ohio, Obama’s deficit was 30 points.
  • Twenty percent of voters say race was important in their vote. Fifty-nine percent of them voted for Clinton. There was an even, 50-50 split among those who said race was not important.

UPDATE 8:38 p.m.:

We’ve tweaked the numbers since the initial post because CNN changed theirs.