The “Boos” Are Back

Pushing back against Hillary Clinton’s “Bitter” Tour 2008,Barack Obama has a newspot that uses her speech in Pittsburgh yesterday—the one with the”boos”—as its hook.  

First thing you see is Clintontelling the audience that people were “disappointed by recent remarks that[Obama] made.” Cue the digitally enhanced booing. “There’s a reason people arerejecting Hillary Clinton’s attacks,” a friendly narrator tells you, and so on.  

The problem is, as we pointed out yesterday, reports ofbooing seemexaggerated . There were audible murmurs, but she most certainly didn’t getthe Bill Buckner treatment the Obama spot suggests.

At least one group isn’t happy about the coverage, and that’sthe Alliance forAmerican Manufacturing, which hosted the event. They sent out this pressrelease, with a quote from AAM executive director Scott Paul:

“It is unfortunate that media coverage of AAM’s forum hasfocused on determining whether Sen. Hillary Clinton received ‘boos’ for remarksshe made regarding her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama.  AAM hopes that in thefuture the press will provide voters with intelligent and meaningful coverageof the issues and stop reporting to the lowest common denominator.”

Naturally, the group wants to maintain good relations with both candidates. That means making sure their events aren’t portrayed as partisan circuses. But come on, “intelligent and meaningful coverage of the issues”? Has this guy watched cable news recently?