The 2010 Sell

New York has published a genius teleplay by Lawrence O’Donnell, Jr., a former West Wing writer-producer, that imagines what abrokered convention would look like. It’s got everything—back-room deals, prostitution, a last-minuteAl Gore bid. It’s also got a great idea for a case Hillary Clinton can—should!—bemaking to superdelegates:

Hillary’s car ispulling away from the hotel. She spots Oregonsenator Ron Wyden getting into his car. She has her car chase Wyden’s car. At atraffic light, she jumps out with a gang of Secret Service agents and theysurround Wyden’s car. She climbs into Wyden’s car and rides with him, workingon him to vote for her. When Wyden finally says he thinks only Obama can beatMcCain, Hillary is ready for that. She tells Wyden that McCain’s winning theWhite House is the best thing that can happen for Wyden’s reelection in 2010,because the president’s party always loses seats in midterm elections. ADemocratic president is going to make Wyden’s reelection that much tougher.

Ron Wyden press conference. Wyden announces his support for Hillary, citing allthe usual reasons—health care, experience, ready on day one …

Memo to Clinton: Use it!