Reliving the ’90s

On a conference call this morning, Obama strategist David Plouffe rejects a Washington Post report that Obama will go supernegative over the coming weeks. From the Post :

In the two weeks leading up to the Indiana primary, a Democratic strategist familiar with the Obama campaign said aides are likely to turn to the controversies of Bill Clinton ‘s White House years – Hillary Clinton’s trading cattle futures, Whitewater and possibly impeachment.

“Everyone knows the history of the Clintons,” the strategist said.

In the piece, Plouffe seems to leave the door open to such attacks in the future. On the call, however, he closed the door: “We’re not going to do that. We’ve not talked about those issues in the campaign and won’t.”

It wouldn’t be the first time the campaign hit Clinton while claiming they didn’t. (See Obama feigning innocence on Tuzla in last week’s debate.) But after an answer like that, it would be tough for Plouffe to walk this one back.