Raw Politics

All three candidates gave short speeches yesterday introducing World Wrestling Entertainment’s “Monday Night Raw.” Hillary called herself “Hill-Rod,” Obama asked if you can “smell what Barack is cooking,” and John McCain threatened to let his “McCainiacs run wild on ya.” They should really do this before debates.

But the main event was an extended brawl between wrestlers/actors playing Clinton and Obama, with a Bill Clinton character thrown in for fun. The guy playing Obama looked like Mike Tyson with big prosthetic ears, while the Clinton actress looks like a character on Golden Girls . But it worked marvelously.

Probably not worth 10 minutes of your time, but fast forward to 5:48, where Obama lifts Clinton off her feet and performs “the Barack Bottom.”

It ends when a giant tattooed oaf named Umaga barges in (Bill to Hillary: “Honey, he’s gonna vote for you!”) and knocks them both out. An Al Gore metaphor, perhaps?