Painful Moments in Campaign Comedy

To commemorate April Fools’ Day (and show off her “funny” side ), Hillary Clinton today challenged Barack Obama to a “bowl off.” We’ll take you right to the painful wordplay:

“It’s time for [Obama’s] campaign to get out of the gutter and allow all of the pins to be counted . And I’m prepared to play this game all the way to the 10th frame . And when this game is over, the American people will know when that phone rings at 3 a.m. they’ll have a president who’s ready to bowl on day one . So let’s strike a deal and go bowling for delegates. We don’t have a moment to spare .”

With some digging, Trailhead managed to unearth some rejected lines from her speech:

“I was impressed by my opponent’s spin, but it’s time for him to split.”
“And anyway, I’m out of his league.”
“Sorry Barack, you’re over the line.”
“I didn’t major in math—I majored in bowling.”
“Hey Barack, lost your nerve? Maybe you need a ball return.”
“Get off my lane.”
“Let’s roll.”