New “Hillary Deathwatch” Odds: 12.1 Percent

It must be nice to be Hillary Clinton right now. Adoring fans havegiven her $10 million. The media have started to believe that she canactually win. Jeremiah Wright is coming out of hibernation just in timeto derail Obama’s candidacy once and for all. Sure, her chances ofwinning the nomination are on the rise (by 1.4 points, to 12.1 percent ). But you know what? She still can’t win.

First, the good news: Raising $10 million in the 30 or so hours after her win in Pennsylvania is a very good thing. It means peoplestill care about her, superdelegates can still trust her, and she canstill buy Star Trek pantsuits .The money bomb is an impressive fiscal feat for Clinton. Even better,it upstages Obama on his best political attribute—fundraising prowess…

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