More “Judas”

In yesterday’s WashingtonPost , Bill Richardson offered his best retort yet to James Carville’s comparison of Richardson to “Judas”:

Carville and others say that I owe President Clinton’s wifemy endorsement because he gave me two jobs. Would someone who worked forCarville then owe his wife, Mary Matalin, similar loyalty in her professionalpursuits? Do the people now attacking me recall that I ran for president,albeit unsuccessfully, against Sen. Clinton? Was that also an act of disloyalty?

Bill Clinton reportedly flewoff the handle in a meeting with superdelegates last weekend when the subject of Richardson came up. From the San Francisco Chronicle :

“Five times to my face [Richardson] said that he would never do that,” ared-faced, finger-pointing Clintonerupted.

He should have said three. Then he would have had the Peter parallel , too.