Hillary Wins It

Surprise! Fox News and NBC and CNN are calling it for Clinton.

As we and everyone else with an Internet connection has been saying for weeks now, it just matters by how much. Earlier today, Chad Matlin gamed out the various victory margins and what they mean for Clinton. We also wrote up a to-do list for Obama to wrap this thing up.

Both camps have their respective spins : Clinton can win big states! But look how far Obama has come! But look how poorly he does among whites! But look how newly registered voters broke for Obama! (On that last one, 60 percent of voters who registered in January voted for Barack.)

But as you digest the primary night analysis, keep in mind what you might call the market fundamentals of this race:

Obama is still leading in the pledged delegate count, and Clinton isn’t going to catch up. Clinton is leading among superdelegates by about 22, but her lead has been narrowing. Clinton is running out of money. Party elders are getting impatient. There are only nine contests left.