“Hillary Deathwatch” Odds: 12.6 Percent

Barack Obama slams the Rev. Wright, Clinton’s gas-tax plan receivesjeers, and Indiana is still a tossup, all of which brings Clinton down0.3 points to 12.6 percent .

Obama’s decision tocut Wright loose Tuesday was an investment in the future: Let the storydominate news for one more day, then hope it tapers off. In a pressconference, Obama said he’s “outraged” at Wright’s recent remarks aboutLouis Farrakhan, the government inventing AIDS, and U.S. militaryefforts being equivalent to terrorism. These comments “should bedenounced,” Obama said, adding, “I do not see the relationship beingthe same after this.”

It’s too early to say whether this movedefuses the Wright issue. Now that Wright got a taste of thespotlight, he probably doesn’t want to go away. (Obama had better hopeWright’s book tour happens after Nov. 5.) But at least Obama can dissociate himself fully from hispastor, as opposed to upholding the earlier wishy-washy (some would saynuanced) disown-the-words-but-not-the-man stance he articulated in hisPhiladelphia speech last month.

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