“Hillary Deathwatch” Odds: 10 Percent

In case you haven’t noticed, the Hillary Deathwatch operates a lot like the health meter in Gears of War .As long as you’re not getting shot at, your health goes up. InHillary’s case, nothing too crazy happened in the past 24 hours—a solidperformance at the Petraeus hearing, a slight post-Penn morale boost,and a superdelegate regained. Which, in total, bumps Clinton up 0.1points to a flat 10 percent chance of winning the nomination.

Clintonand Obama showed off their grilling skills at yesterday’s Senatehearings with Gen. David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker but didn’t offermuch more than their usual bleak assessments. Clinton drew contrastswith John McCain, saying she “fundamentally” disagreed with hisassessment that troop withdrawals are irresponsible—but stopped shortof her “willing suspension of disbelief” remarks last time. Spoken likea true future majority leader.

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