Hillary “Deathwatch” Odds: 10.7 percent

The 21 st debate has come and gone, and the generalconsensus is that Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama behind thelecterns. Her win barely outweighs the announcement of two moresuperdelegates and a newspaper endorsement for Obama. As a result, herchances of winning the nomination glide upward by 0.3 points to 10.7 percent .

The debate in Philadelphia—which was near-universally panned in the blogosphere —spent its first hour on process questions .Usually, this would have hurt Clinton, whose mastery of policy detailshas shone through in previous debates. But last night, Obama bore thebrunt of the process questions. It was like a guilt-by-associationgreatest hits—we heard about former Weatherman Bill Ayers, JeremiahWright, and the “cling” thing. The result, aside from getting people toturn off their TVs, was to remind viewers that Obama could bevulnerable to Republican attacks in the general election…

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