Hillary “Deathwatch” Odds: 10.4 Percent

A morning endorsement from Bruce Springsteen will help Barack Obamadominate the news cycle heading into tonight’s debate. That, coupledwith some new poll numbers and a newspaper endorsement, helps dragClinton’s ship down by two points to a 10.4 percent chance of winning the nomination.

BarackObama may have E Street to thank if he ever lives on PennsylvaniaAvenue. Bruce Springsteen endorsed Obama today, the firstmega-celebrity to endorse since Oprah, Babs, and the gang in January.While Obama could’ve used the Boss’ backing before New Jersey’s primaryon Feb. 5 (Obama lost by 10 points), today’s timing actually works wellfor Obama. Springsteen is a perfect emissary for the campaign in thewake of Obama’s “cling” comments in San Francisco. The Bossacknowledges as much and writes in his endorsement that “[w]hile these matters are worthy of some discussion, they havebeen ripped out of the context and fabric of the man’s life andvision.” If Obama can coax Springsteen onto the trail in Pennsylvania,that will start to nullify Clinton’s and McCain’s claims that he’s anelitist. The less traction Clinton gets on that issue, the moredesperate she looks. Desperate candidates don’t become the nominee. …

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