Yet More on Cheney and Unitary Executive

I have time only for a quick response to

Adam White

on Cheney’s assertion that the VP is not part of the executive branch.

I did find ludicrous Cheney’s initial claim that he was not part of the executive branch, which he asserted for the purpose of perpetuating his cult of secrecy and avoiding reporting requirements related to classified documents.

I continue to think ludicrous is an apt description.

Jon Stewart and the rest of the media were absolutely right to have a field day with that one.

Consistent with this administration’s utter and indefensible failure to be transparent regarding the legal advice that informs its sometimes-ludicrous positions, Cheney has not provided a detailed account of his legal claim.

I found Adam’s discussion interesting, but unpersuasive.

Cheney’s filing of the brief seems less ludicrous, in the sense of legally indefensible, but still seems an ugly business designed to send mixed messages to the court and a clear message to his political base.