Trippi: Don’t Expect an Edwards Endorsement

On a Washington Post chat today, former John Edwards campaign manager Joe Trippi seems to hint that Edwards will not be endorsing:

John Edwards led on every single issue and pushed both Clinton and Obama on everything from the war in Iraq to Poverty. He has had an enormous impact on this election cycle and still will. I would caution that he may play a key role in bringing the party together by not endorsing – that may not help him personally but it may be exactly what the party and the country needs.

Hear that? He will play a “key role” by not endorsing. Other leaders will look to his nonendorsement for guidance. Doesn’t Trippi know he doesn’t have to spin anymore?

Later, Trippi is a bit less decisive, “I really do not expect John Edwards to endorse at this point. Or I should say I would be surprised if he does. But then again he could surprise me.”