The Times Square Bomb

John McCain is the first out with a response to the small blast in Times Square today:  

The attempted attack that happened in New York City this morning when someone tried to harm a recruiting station in Times Square is unacceptable in America. I know Mayor Bloomberg as well as other law enforcement agencies are actively working, and I have been assured a full investigation is taking place and hope they bring the individuals to justice as quickly as possible. We cannot allow this to happen to the men and women serving in our military whether they are at home or abroad.

McCain is smart to pre-empt Hillary Clinton, the actual New Yorker, on this one. How can she expect to respond to national crises if she can’t handle the ones in her own state?? Given this, it’s surprising we haven’t heard from Clinton yet. Maybe she’s only ready for these things at 3 a.m.?

On the other hand, it appears to be exactly the sort of attack that can’t be prevented, no matter how many al-Qaida training camps we break up. Police called the blast mechanism an “improvised explosive device” possibly planted by a man on a bicycle. It’s the sort of attack that, were it to become common on a slightly larger scale, would be every security expert’s—and politician’s—nightmare.

Updated 3:04 p.m.: Clinton kicked off a press conference this afternoon with a statement on the bombing. She is “deeply concerned” about the incident, she said, adding that she is “grateful there were no injuries” and “minimal damage done.”