The Clinton Index

When the National Archives released Hillary Clinton’s White House schedules last week, reporters quickly sifted the entire 11,000-page doorstop for clues to her record on NAFTA , her foreign-policy experience , and her whereabouts during the “blue dress” incident .

Missing from the analysis, however, was one of our favorite bloggy pastimes: word counting. Thanks to the New York Times searchable database of Clinton’s schedules, we were able to tally the number of times certain words appeared. Here’s our Harper ’s Index -style analysis of her years as first lady:

(Figures indicate number of pages on which the words appear)

Kofi Annan: 4
Barbara Streisand: 5

Jean Chrétien (prime minister of Canada, 1993-2003): 2
Mickey Mouse: 2

Hollywood: 21
Iraq: 0

Whoopi Goldberg: 12
Benizir Bhutto: 5

Disney: 19
Islam: 2

Photo-op: 200 +
Policy: 76

Dance/dancing: 157
Debate/debating: 20

Celebration: 63
Economics: 4

Opera:   67
Nuclear: 1

Resort: 47
Barracks: 9

Party: 200 +
Legislation: 9

Princess:   52
Premier:   20

Concert: 54
Hearing: 8

Trailhead thanks Seth Stevenson and Rebecca LeGrand.