SNL Does “3 a.m.’

Saturday Night Live thinks it has a good thing in the Obama-Clinton brawl. Over the weekend, they aired a parody of Clinton’s ” 3 a.m. ” ad. The ad shows Clinton receiving a late-night phone call from President Obama, who is panicked about the Russians obtaining a nuclear device. The ad portrays Obama as an immature, whiny, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed baby. “Don’t you see that I’m in a panic?” he blubbers. “A blind, unreasoning, inexperienced panic?”

NBC’s First Read seems to think the sketch show sides with Clinton: “This last opening skit might actually have been written by the Clinton campaign; it was striking in how on-message the skit was for Clinton.”

But isn’t the sketch actually mocking Clinton? It’s lampooning her suggestions that Obama would be lost at sea in the Oval Office. The fake ad is bookended by Amy Poehler’s Hillary Clinton, who assures us that this is “a dramatization based on facts—not facts, but what we call specious campaign talking points.”

The last time SNL took on Obama, parodying the media’s love for the candidate, Clinton raised it at the Cleveland debate as evidence of bias. Tina Fey’s all-but-endorsement of Hillary indicated pro-Clinton sympathies inside 30 Rock. But this skit, if read correctly, is unlikely to make it into any Clinton campaign memos.