Sinbad Blows the Whistle

When Barack Obama characterized Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy experience as “having tea” with diplomats, Clinton fired back with anecdotes about a trip she took to wartime Bosnia in 1996. “Somebody said there might be sniper fire,” she said, describing a dangerous corkscrew landing her plane had to make. “I don’t remember anyone offering me tea on the tarmac.” But now that account is being disputed. By Sinbad .

Turns out the comedian, who was along for the ride with Sheryl Crow, remembers things differently, the Washington Post reports . “I never felt that I was in a dangerous position,” Sinbad said. “I never felt being in a sense of peril, or ‘Oh, God, I hope I’m going to be OK when I get out of this helicopter or when I get out of this tank.’ ”

He also disputed Clinton’s claim that first ladies get sent to all the poorest and most dangerous countries. “What kind of president would say, ‘Hey, man, I can’t go ‘cause I might get shot so I’m going to send my wife … Oh, and take a guitar player and a comedian with you.’ ” The ridicule goes on . (Keep in mind that Sinbad is a fervent Obama fan.)

Clinton spokesman Phil Singer came back with this quip: “It appears that Sinbad’s experience in Bosnia goes back further than Senator Obama’s does. In fact, has Senator Obama ever been to Bosnia?” Good question—perhaps Pauly Shore could tag along?

Needless to say, it’s kind of rough to become the punch line of a joke by a man who is himself a walking punch line. I guess we’ll need Sheryl Crow to break the tie.