Just Recycled Words

Hillary Clinton has resurrected the charge that Barack Obama’s campaign isn’t based on actions but “just words.” Her campaign sent out a “memo” today defending her foreign policy experience in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia, China, and Rwanda, with this intro:

Over the last few weeks, Sen. Obama has successfully undermined his credibility with a series of statements to reporters and voters that have been contradicted by the facts. Unfortunately, he’s doing it again today by having his campaign issue a fundamentally misleading attack aimed at glossing over the doubts Americans have about his readiness to be Commander-in-Chief.  Once again, Senator Obama is proving the point that his campaign is about “just words.” 

Not to nitpick here, but the “just words” angle seems like an attempt to bring back the Deval Patrick “plagiarism” flap. Obama’s defense, after all, was to borrow Patrick’s line that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and Martin Luther King’s speeches were “just words.” Is Clinton trying to tease this out of him again?