Exit Poll Palooza: Democrats in Ohio

It’s time for our regular dive into the exit polls. The juicy bits from Ohio’s Democratic results, according to CNN .

  • Obama is seen as the most electable, but that doesn’t mean everybody likes him. Of the 53 percent of voters who think Obama has a better chance of winning in November, 15 percent still voted for Clinton.
  • For all the hubub we make over the debates, it seems like they actually matter. The 74 percent of voters who say the debates informed their vote are essentially split between Obama and Clinton. Among the 18 percent who said the debates didn’t matter, Clinton was favored.
  • More Ohioans think Clinton has a clear plan for the country (68 percent) than think that Obama has a clear plan (57 percent).
  • Of the 25 percent with only a high-school education, Clinton is favored nearly 2-to-1.
  • 23 percent of Obama supporters say Clinton inspires them. 31 percent of Clinton supporters say Obama inspires them.