Disenfranchisploitation, Part 2

The other day we discussed how both Clinton and Obama have stepped up their “disenfranchisement” rhetoric to tweak each other over revotes in Michigan and Florida. Now Clinton has taken it a step further. Here’s a clip from her campaign’s latest e-mail to “Interested Parties,” describing the Obama camp’s strategy:

First, disenfranchise voters - Prevent new votes in Florida and Michigan. Stop voting in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, Kentucky, South Dakota, Montana, West Virginia and Indiana.

So now Obama’s attempt to wrap up the nomination before Pennsylvania is tantamount to disenfranchising the remaining states? So if Clinton had sealed the deal on Super Tuesday, that would have disenfranchised half the nation? Also, the idea that Obama wants to “stop voting” in North Carolina—a place where he’s all but guaranteed to win—is just … I’m not sure there’s a word for it. The Clinton camp has a reputation for poll-testing messages, but I can only imagine a test audience laughing at this.