Cracked Kristol

This morning, the New York Times ran a Bill Kristol column whose entire bloated argument balanced on a tenuous, factually incorrect fulcrum. Kristol claims that Obama can’t pretend he didn’t know his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was a controversial firebrand because Obama was in church when Wright started mouthing off. Kristol originally cited reporting that claimed Obama was at church on July 22, when Wright said the United States of White America was oppressing blacks.

Kristol and the Times have since issued an apology and a correction, but this was an especially preventable offense. Slate ’s Map the Candidates tool shows Obama spent the day in Florida, fruitlessly addressing Latinos in Miami.  

But the Times didn’t even have to steer their browsers to Slate ’s waters. Their own candidate tracker shows that Obama was far from Chicago that day, as well. Kristol relied on reporting from conservative news site , which is sticking by their story. Last we checked, the Times didn’t rely on reporting from biased outlets like NewsMax. Kristol might, but the Times doesn’t.