Clinton Calls 911

Screaming into our inbox, the following e-mail from Clinton’s campaign:


Time Sensitive: Emergency Press Call To Discuss Caucus Intimidation and Irregularities in TX

Clinton has the entire press corps on a call right now detailing that Barack Obama broke myriad rules during today’s caucuses. They’re serious allegations and will overshadow all other story lines, including the results that come out of Texas’ caucuses. More info at Ambinder .

It’s way too early to tell whether these allegations are legit, but we’ll try to pump news through as soon as we see it or get it ourselves. In the meantime, this is the freshest, most significant piece of evidence that suggests a prolonged Democratic battle could bloody both candidates. Also, Clinton has a higher burden of proof because the campaign has always said caucuses were unfair.

Bob Bauer, an Obama lawyer, just burst into the call and tried to call the Clinton camp’s bluff. This is tremendously ugly and incredibly exciting, even by this campaign’s standards.

A sampling of the kind of language being used on the call from Clinton folk: 

“Obama supporters have taken over the caucus.”

“What is happening at Texas today … is not typical. It is actually quite extraordinary.”

“These are not accusations, these are documented instances.”

“Voters actively disenfranchised—this is outrageous.”

“They let Obama supporters in, but they kept Clinton supporters out.” 

More details coming ASAP.