Best Conference Call Ever

More on the unreal conference call that’s still happening. A reporter late to the party asks Howard Wolfson to identify the Obama campaign person who hijacked the call earlier. “He’s Bob Bauer, he’s someone we know very well,” Wolfson informs him. “B-A-U-E-R.” According to Wolfson, he was “attempting a vigorous defense of the indefensible.” This has got to be the best slap-down of the cycle, and the entire press corps has front-row seats.

Ace Smith, the Clinton campaign’s state director, chips in, “These are not accusations, these are documented instances … of Democratic voters being actively disenfranchised.”

The main charges being made: Clinton supporters were locked out of caucus sites; Obama supporters ran off with or manipulated the “packets” used to control the caucuses ; some caucus results were reported before caucuses were even supposed to begin.  

The question coming out of this is, what does it mean for the Texas results? (Last time I checked, Obama was ahead by a hair.) Will Clinton reject the results if he wins? Or, as Time ’s Jay Newton-Small asks, will she even reject them if she wins?

Stay tuned for a transcript of the call.