Ben & Jerry’s Delivers

Obama has scooped up a state best known for its cows, hippies, and home-grown ice cream company . His expected win in Vermont isn’t much to write home about at this point in the campaign. At one point, winning a state where black and Latino voters barely exist would have been big news for Barack Obama. But these days, winning the white vote is always a strong possibility (if not a likelihood) for Obama because white males have been breaking so strongly toward him.

His boring win did have one mildly interesting factoid: Old people finally love Obama! Seventeen percent of voters were 65 or older, and 61 percent of them voted for Obama, according to exit polls . Obama did better among seniors than he did among 50- to 64-year-olds, which means that if Obama can’t call himself post-racial, he can call himself post-age.

And, yes, all of Obama’s success is owed to Ben & Jerry’s, which endorsed him after John Edwards dropped out. We’re taking suggestions for the B&J flavor based on Obama. And no, neither Baracky Road nor Obamaberry are viable submissions. Only Obamatose supporters recommend those also-rans.