Why, Georgia, Why?

CNN hasn’t called the Republican race in Georgia yet—with less than 1 percent of precincts reporting, it’s tight between McCain, Romney, and Huckabee (just as predicted ). But they can’t stop us from looking at their notoriously iffy exit polls ! Hey, with 922 respondents, it’s about as reliable as a regular poll.

Nothing massively surprising here: The most churchgoing voters swung toward Huckabee. (Romney, interestingly, won more of the secular vote—those who said they “never” go to church—than anyone else.) Meanwhile, the voters who thought Giuliani’s endorsement was important went for McCain.

As for age, Huckabee appears to have won the youth vote pretty decisively, taking 41 percent of voters 18-29 and 37 percent among ages 30-44. Older voters are split between McCain and Romney.  

What does this say about the rest of the race? Hard to say given that we still don’t know who won. But it confirms that Huckabee is sucking religious voters away from Romney in a big way. If this is any indicator of what other Southern states like Tennessee and Alabama will look like, Romney has reason for concern.
(Watch him win it now.)