Unexciting Excitement!

CNN just called a slew of states for McCain, Clinton, and Obama. Here’s why none of them are suprising:

Connecticut, New Jersey for McCain: McCain had Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani backing him.

Oklahoma for Clinton: Borders Arkansas. There’s that whole Arkansas first lady thing in Clinton’s past.

Massachusetts for Romney, Illinois for Obama: Home turf for both. The only mild drama was whether McCain’s last-second push for Massachusetts would make any noise. It may have, but obviously not enough to stop CNN from insta-projecting Romney the winner. The untold storyline: Some of Massachusetts’ delegates are assigned proportionately, so McCain’s efforts could have made an imprint on the delegate picture when all is said and done. But we’ll have to wait a while to find out.

Illinois for McCain : This is the only one that’s somewhat exciting. Illinois is delegate-rich (70) and a nice bellwether for the Midwest. But polls had him way up leading into tonight and the McCain win is more proof of his front-runner status than anything else.