The Contest: We Have a Winner [[CORRECTED]]

In the proud American tradition, we made an error tallying up the results of Trailhead Primary Pool . As a result we have a NEW WINNER in Robert Ziff, who edged out Mark Lyons with 62 points to Lyons’$2 61. Contestant Luke Goodwin also had 61 points. 

A note on scoring: Because John Edwards suspended his campaign prior to Super Tuesday, we did not award any points for third-place predictions in the four Feb. 5 Democratic primaries in our pool. Thus, the original scoring for Super Tuesday is valid, and Ted Steger remains the honorable mention with 38 points on Tuesday and a respectable 55 over all. Steger had 17 points coming into the week, not the 13 we originally reported, and we thank him for catching our mistake .

Mark, our sincere apologies for falsely elevating your hopes. But please return the proverbial yoga mat.  

Original post: 

Trailhead reader Mark Lyons has won the Primary Pool with a final score of 59 points, a three-point lead over runner-ups Andrew Packer, Robert Ziff, and David Wohl. Lyons was a consistent presence in the top ten each week, though he only officially led the pack once prior to his victory. Congratulations, Mark!

An honorable mention is in order for Ted Steger, who notched 38 points this week with excellent Super Tuesday predictions. Unfortuantely for Ted, his last-minute blitz could not push him into the lead as he had only 13 points at the beginning of the week.

Our thanks to everyone who threw in their hat for the pool. (Meanwhile, Trailhead never wants to see an Excel sheet again.) Mark, we would love to send you one of our Slate yoga mats, but apparently there are legal problems with offering official prizes. Eternal glory will have to suffice.