Snow Leads Tornadoes With 100+ Delegates

It was, all in all, a bad day for the apocalypse to strike the lower Midwest. Observe this map from the National Weather Service , compared with a map of the states with primaries and caucuses today, courtesy of our colleagues at the Washington Post .

If you’re having trouble making out the legend, here’s a hint: All those bright colors are highly unpleasant natural phenomena. A tornado watch has engulfed Arkansas and clipped through western Tennessee, the southeast of Missouri, and bits of Illinois. The latter two states are also facing a flash flood warning and your scattered heavy snow. Kansas is under a winter storm warning, while New York and New England merely face a blizzard.

Conventional wisdom holds that, on the Democratic side, bad weather is bad news for Obama, who needs a high turnout. Meanwhile, Trailhead estimates that tornados have accumulated about 50 delegates compared with 65 for floods and well over 100 for snow, and counting.