She’s a Superhero, Not a Superdelegate

Hayden Panettiere, she of Heroes infamy , seems to have let stardom go to her head. Us Weekly reports that the actress, whose credits also include the Trailhead fave Bring It On: All or Nothing , is trying to single-handedly force whale affairs into the candidates’ platforms. She says she’s heard from Barack Obama, but is “waiting to hear from Hillary Clinton” about their policies on whale preservation. It’s like the Kyoto Protocol, except not nearly as important.

Obama seems to have the upper hand in securing her not-at-all important endorsement. He’s the one who has made contact, and Panettiere has hobnobbed with Obama-supporter John Kerry on Capitol Hill. But Obama should be careful–Panettiere is a former fugitive. Panettiere nearly got herself caught in a net last year when she pissed off some Japanese whale slaughterers , leading to an arrest warrant from the Japanese government.

The crucial Free Willy voting bloc is holding its breath until Panettiere formally endorses.