Romney Endorses McCain; Retraction Likely Tomorrow

Mitt Romney’s endorsement of John McCain today was a fitting coda to his campaign, if only because you couldn’t believe a single thing coming out of his mouth. (At least he knows how to do a proper endorsement, unlike Fred Thompson, who might as well have scribbled his on the back of an ATM receipt .)

After assuring everyone that today’s press conference “promises to be one of our more pleasant exchanges,” Romney acknowledged that “things can get rough in a political campaign.” But “even when the contest was close and our disagreements were debated,” he said, “the caliber of the man was apparent.”

This seems like an appropriate moment to recap some of our favorite moments when neither man’s caliber was particularly apparent to the other:

Romney promised to “pledge” his 289 delegates to McCain, which McCain says puts him above the 1,191-delegate threshold needed to secure the nomination. For more details on the logistics and limitations of delegate-gifting, see here and here .