Off the Fence

Hillary nails the border fence question. Yes, I voted for a border fence in the context of comprehensive immigration reform. But no, I don’t agree with how the Bush administration is going about it. Her proposal recommends erecting a fence “where appropriate”—i.e., where border communities are OK with it—while deploying technology and more personnel in other places.

Obama seconds Hillary   but adds that we have to pass the Dream Act , which would give high-school students a path to citizenship if they go to college.  

So much agreement! What happened to this being the contrast debate? Obama might as well turn to Hillary and start giving her a backrub. Hopefully they’re saving the questions about race and patriotism for the second half.

Also: Gotta love Jorge Ramos starting to ask a question en Espanol . I was hoping he’d keep going. Or that Obama would bust out a few palabras after Hillary admitted to not knowing a foreign language.