It’s the Final Countdown

The cable news tickers are going to be in overdrive tomorrow night. With so many states’ results coming in all at once, it’s going to take some restraint for pundits not to extrapolate meaning from early wins on the East Coast. But in this case, all Feb. 5 politics really are local. Below you’ll find an outline of poll closing times, after which we’ll start seeing some of the first returns and exit polls. Still, we could be in for a long night . (All times EST)  

Afternoon: West Virginia**

7 p.m.: Georgia  

8 p.m.: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee

8:30 p.m.: Arkansas  

9 p.m.: Minnesota*, New Mexico*, New York, Rhode Island

10 p.m.: Arizona, Colorado*, Kansas*, Utah  

11 p.m.: California

12 a.m.: Idaho*, Montana*, North Dakota*  

12:30 a.m.: Alaska*

*Time is an estimate because it’s a caucus state.

**Time is an estimate because it’s a convention state.