Hillary’s Loyalty Oath

In response to a New York Times article alleging that morale is low in Hillaryland, the campaign submitted a letter to the Times signed by 503 supporters and staffers, reassuring the world that they “are working tirelessly each and every day and night, because we believe in Hillary.” In other words, morale is high. (Read the full letter here .)

The Times refused to print the letter, calling it a “press release.”  

Not to pile on here, but put yourself in the shoes of a disaffected Clinton staffer (assuming they exist). A letter is circulating the campaign office. Lots of people are signing it. You can be darn well sure your colleagues will be scanning the list of signatories. Would anyone in his right mind not put his name at the bottom?

Seems to me that, while I know many Clinton staffers are committed to the campaign, this is just a thinly disguised—and highly public—loyalty oath.

Update 8:26 p.m.: A friend sagely points out: They could get 503 staffers to sign this, but not one swearing they didn’t leak the Obama photo? Also, Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said they had “over 700 people on staff.” Does that mean 197 people don’t believe Hillary “will make the best President of the United States”?