Coulter for Hillary?

You won’t believe it until you see it: Ann Coulter defending Hillary Clinton on Hannity & Colmes .

While railing on John McCain, Coulter proclaims that Clinton is stronger in the war on terror than McCain is. “I will campaign for her if it’s McCain,” she declares. You can see Hannity’s eyebrows jump. “That part isn’t true,” she hedges, “but the rest of it is true.”

Coulter has made a career out of saying the most provocative thing that comes to mind and running with it. But this goes too far. Her game is deep. There has to be some other explanation.

Could she be trying to get Democrats to back away from Obama, who she knows would be a stronger general election candidate? Or is it some sort of pre-emptive sabotage, where she knows no Democrat would vote for anyone with Coulter’s endorsement, and is therefore trying to taint Hillary’s eventual candidacy? Or maybe she’s merely trying to put her distaste for McCain in the most extreme terms possible?  

Whatever you think of Coulter, you have to admire her knack for messing with people’s heads.