What If Clinton Wins?

It’s dawning on the cable newsers that the Obama coverage they were planning for this evening may not be in store. So, considering we wondered what would happen if Obama lost , it’s worth wondering what happens if Clinton wins. Yes, there’s a difference.

  1. Hillary Clinton competes in Nevada and South Carolina. You can’t take two primaries off when you have “Comeback Kid” momentum coming out of New Hampshire. Clinton doesn’t necessarily want this to happen, because she could still get wiped in both states. So, in a way, Clinton is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t.
  2. Bill Clinton simmers down. All of a sudden, the anti-Obama rhetoric that he’s been spewing the past few days looks overly harsh, which means he has to rein in the stream-of-consciousness attacks. Suddenly, the “unbound” Clinton machine becomes the Clinton machine we’re used to.
  3. Does Clinton still go through with the staff shake-up that has been widely rumored over the past few days? If so, does that mean she fixed what was already working? Or does it mean that she still acknowledges the mistakes of Iowa?
  4. I’ve said it before , but it’s worth mentioning again: The cable networks will not shut up about The Diner Sob .

All of these half-baked thoughts could be for naught rather soon, of course. Also of note: Even if Clinton comes close but doesn’t win, most of this still applies.