Vegas Live: Choose Your Own Debate Question!

Here comes the good part. (Fingers crossed.)

NBC has decided to let the candidates ask each other two questions–wait, says Brian Williams, make that one question. (So this is why they didn’t let Kucinich in it would have taken too long.) Sounds like a gotcha opportunity. A better idea: Let each candidate ask the moderators a question!

John Edwards asks Obama whether he thinks lobbyists expect favors in return for their money. Obama starts by clarifying that he doesn’t take money from special interests, then elaborates on how he’s committed to reducing lobbyists’ influence in Washington.

Hillary asks Obama if he’ll co-sponsor legislation to say that any action with the Iraqi government has to be ratified by Congress. (Kind of like this bill .) He says yes! Or at least he sounds vaguely positive about the idea. Finally, something we can all agree on.

Obama uses his question to ask Edwards about the details of pulling troops out of Iraq. This format is refreshing, no?