Two Americas, Two House Parties

CRESTON – A quick study in contrasts between two late-nite retail campaign stops:

The first house, in Cass County, looks like it could be haunted if it weren’t stuffed with people. Strung with a few lines of Christmas lights, it’s a relatively modest place with a wooden stove and an ice box in the back. Edwards and guests snack on cornbread.

The Creston house feels like the last house’s rich uncle. The hostess cheerily greets everyone at the door as if it weren’t 2:30 a.m. Guests snack on mini quiches and other fine treats. Other indicators—the 50-inch flat-screen TV, the stone sculpture, the shag carpet, the plush matching furniture—suggest this might be a detour for the Middle-Class Express.

Not exactly the prince and the pauper, but still an interesting choice for back-to-back parties – and perhaps an indicator that Edwards’ tough-on-corporations rhetoric is resonating with more than just mill workers and their sons.