Thompson Sandbags Huckabee

We’re not in New Hampshire anymore.

Thompson butts in on a question about the Reagan coalition so he can rattle off a litany of attacks on Huckabee. He thinks we have an “arrogant foreign policy,” says Thompson. “He thinks Guantanamo should be closed” and the prisoners brought into the American court system. “He has the endorsement of the NEA.” “He said he’d sign a bill to ban smoking nationwide.” And so on. He makes Huckabee sound so reasonable!

South Carolina is make-or-break for Thompson. And with Huckabee’s popularity among southern Baptists posing a major threat , Thompson has to pull out all the stops.

When he’s done, he gets the first burst of applause of the night. Could that be the sound of Thompson bouncing?

Update 11:33 a.m.: Yes, we changed the headline. Sorry!