The Poker Primary

The New Yorker devotes a quickie to Barack Obama’s poker skills. As a state senator in Illinois, Obama won over other politicians by starting a regular poker night. James McManus offers this analysis of his game:

Obama never played for high stakes. Only on a very bad night could a player drop two hundred dollars in these games, typical wins and losses being closer to twenty-five bucks. Link describes Obama as a “calculating” cardplayer, avoiding long-shot draws and patiently waiting for strong starting hands. “When Barack stayed in, you pretty much figured he’s got a good hand,” former Senator Larry Walsh once told a reporter, neglecting to note that maintaining that sort of rock-solid image made it easier for Obama to bluff.

Remember the brave journalist who faced Obama on the basketball court ? Some editorial board should invite him to a poker game.

P.S.: Obama should have revealed his passion for poker before Nevada. As we reported long ago, Vegas dealers were all for Hillary .