The Limits of Campaign Trail Security

Interesting piece in the Washington Times about Obama’s ramped-up security detail. One passage describes how agents with bomb-sniffing dogs are vetting the media’s equipment at every stop:

“Just put all your equipment down, leave the room, and close the door,” one agent barked as another agent paced the hallway with a bomb-detection dog. Known as a “sweep” on the White House beat, the media did as told, allowing agents to rustle through their computer bags and turn on electronic equipment to make sure it was real.

But it’s a far from perfect system. At this morning’s event in Claremont, N.H., I stood against the wall and watched the whole bomb squad process happen. They never asked to look in my bag. With a dozen Secret Service agents and a team of dogs, they’re doing their best to thwart saboteurs. (Just try and enter the building once the event has begun.) But there’s only so much they can do. And that’s scary.