The Hunter Who Cried Wolf

In an act of desperation, Duncan Hunter resorted to Aesop to get people to pay attention to him. In a presidential reenactment of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” Duncan Hunter—the 27-year congressman from California who is (sort of) running for president—held a press conference today to talk about “the future.” The morbid press corps ( guilty as charged ) turned out for the presser, where he proceeded to say he was pissed off about not getting invited to the FOX debate. A candidate playing “gotcha” with the press. How poetic.

This following a bizarre appearance on MSNBC this morning in which he gloated about his one delegate haul in Wyoming —a primary that nobody cares about. Armed with one delegate, Hunter says he’s doing better than Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Therefore he should have been allowed into the debate. Booyakasha!  

But this stunt means Hunter has now spent his withdrawal capital. CNN was the only cable network to carry the presser live, and you can be sure they won’t be doing it again. The national press corps doesn’t like being toyed with, and I bet they won’t feel guilty if they don’t come running next time Hunter wants to talk about “the future.” Maybe Hunter thinks he can fight off the political wolves armed with his one puny delegate.

P.S.: No matter what we wrote on this matter, nothing would top the magnificent post Red State put together. Kudos.