The Exit Polls Arrive

Juicy bits from CNN’s exit polls :

  • Mike Huckabee and John McCain are in a tight race at the top.
  • Young voters lean toward Huckabee, but seniors greatly favor McCain. This isn’t surprising but could be a major factor if older voters turned out in greater numbers than the kiddies.
  • Mitt Romney won the plurality of votes from Catholics who go to church weekly, which is good news for his campaign after his big Mormon speech a month or two ago. (Unsurprisingly, very religious voters of all denominations preferred Huckabee.)
  • Only 9 percent of Catholics, who made up 14 percent of CNN’s voter pool, voted for Huckabee. Thirty-nine percent voted for McCain.
  • Forty-one percent of South Carolina voters thought McCain had the best chance of winning in November.
  • Fifty-eight percent of voters, according to CNN’s exit polls, were born-again Christians or evangelicals. They favor Huckabee 41 percent to McCain’s 27 percent. Only 11 percent of non-born-agains and evangelicals voted for Huck.
  • Huckabee won support among those who care most about immigration, McCain among those who care most about Iraq. Again, this follows the polling we saw before the primary.
  • 25 percent of voters were veterans, and that group favored McCain. Huckabee and McCain were essentially tied among non-veterans.

We offer the usual disclaimer that exit polls are just polls, not results.