The Contest: Yale Med Student Ties For Lead

With the results from Michigan tallied, Trailhead reader Audrey Provenzano has caught up with front-runner Larry Krajeski to tie for the lead with 17 of a possible 21 points in our Primary Pool . Provenzano was one of 14 contestants to correctly predict the top three Republican finishers in the Michigan primary in the correct order.

“I knew he had a lot of family ties there,” Provenzano says of Romney’s win in Michigan. But make no mistake: Romney’s success has not changed her opinion of the former Massachusetts governor. “He’s a complete schmuck and I really dislike him. The only thing consistent about him is his egotism and ambition.”

Provenzano, an Obama supporter and Wellesley graduate (like Hillary Clinton) who is now in medical school at Yale, predicts that Mike Huckabee’s make-or-break moment will be in South Carolina. While she now expects that McCain will win the state—though she originally chose Huckabee—she says the former Arkansas governor needs a strong second-place finish to propel him through Super Duper Tuesday on Feb. 5.

As for the Nevada caucus this Saturday, Provenzano predicts Obama will win the state, followed by Clinton and then Edwards. But as she says, “Nevada is kind of dicey. No one knows what will happen.”

While many readers have 16 points, the honorable mention goes to Paul Stenbjorn, the only entrant who has a perfect record in the Republican primary. Stenbjorn currently has 15 points.