The Contest: U-Chicago Student Takes Lead

Of the 100 entrants in the official Trailhead Primary Pool, only one, University of Chicago political science student Max Gallop, successfully predicted the first-, second-, and third-place winners for both the Democrats and Republicans in yesterday’s Iowa caucuses.

Over all, contestants fared much better predicting the Democratic side. Excluding Gallop, 22 readers guessed the Obama-Edwards-Clinton result in the correct order, while only five predicted a Huckabee-Romney-Thompson finish. McCain’s narrow loss to Thompson for third-place honors—the Arizona senator took 13.1 percent to Thompson’s 13.4 percent—robbed 13 contestants of a perfect record.

We’ve left Max a message asking him to inform us who will win the election—stay tuned.

With Chadwick Matlin and Jon Rubin.