The Contest: New Yorker Takes Lead

The Trailhead Primary Pool has a new frontrunner after New Hampshire, which counted for twice as much as Iowa for correctguesses. Larry Krajeski, the executive director of the non-profit Catskill Mountain Housing Development Corporation in central New York,has 16 of a possible 18 points, including a 1.000 batting average for theRepublicans.

Krajeski, who used to live in Massachusetts,says he picked McCain to win New Hampshirebecause he thinks the Arizona senator fits inwell in New England. “If I met him on thestreet, I might think he was from New Hampshire,” he says. “He’s that flinty, Yankee type.”

Clintonwill do well on Super-Duper Tuesday, he predicted, powering her through to thenomination. He’s less optimistic about the other New Yorker running forpresident.

“I don’t have much faith in our other native son, RudyGiuliani,” he said, predicting that the former New York City mayor could become merely “afootnote in the history of bad campaigns.”

Besides Krajeski, only one other contestant, Paul Stenbjorn,correctly guessed the top three Republicans in both states. Fourcontestants—Carl Hetler, Craig Stuart, Marco Forehand and Laura Marschel—predictedthe top three Democrats for both states in the correct order.